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BP Group representative Ryosuke Saito

The Key must be only in the area/ country where we are expanding our business and in the place where consumers meet the client's products.

-The clue of BP's growth should be "Localization" -

The BP group has been assisting sales promotion activities for our clients in China by adopting various sales strategies since its establishment in 2006. In order to meet our clients' needs, we offer services that take into account our motto of "Speed, Quality and Real", connecting the technique and know-how of the BP group's two companies, Beat Promotions & Advertising, which is mainly charged with planning, and Beat Promotions & Trading, which mainly handles sales and production of goods. We keenly realize and act on every day with something we like to call "Real". This means we always recognize the area or country where we are expanding our business and the place where consumers meet our client's products.

  • Planning market strategies considering the insight of the locals as well as actual sales spots.
  • Planning and fostering ideas in ever-changing local markets.
  • Applying production and distribution management know-how accordance with local customs.
  • Always promoting strong teamwork with local staff.

These are the things that only people who have long-term experience can do in any countries.

We'll gather our dynamic experience and know-how we've obtained from Chinese market. Moreover, we always work to improve and strengthen our ability to localize when assisting the promotion activities directly connected to our clients' sales in Asia.

We want to continue creating promotions that make buyers and sellers excited. This belief has produced our company's name. If you don't get excited from any of our offers, just tell us "There's no beat in that!"

BP Group representative

Ryosuke Saito

The BP Group will make your selling
or buying experience in China exciting,
sound and trouble-free.

Company name
Beat Promotions & Advertising inc. Beat Promotions & Advertising inc.
Date of foundation Established
on July 26, 2006 (Terms changed on March 24, 2008)
Legal representive
Ryosuke Saito
Ryosuke Saito
Registered capitalt
739,000 USD
Capital series BP&A is a foreign-funded enterprise and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Japanese firm KANKO Corporation.
Main business
We closely work with advertising and production companies in China by providing overall support all the way from promotion planning to implementation that is specific to your sales strategy and products. This places us in a uniquely advantageous position in the Chinese advertising industry. And regardless of the project size, BP&A will find the best solution to your needs.
  • Business content
  • Advertisement campaigns and Promotion planning
  • Advertisement planning and production
  • Sales support tools and planning and production business
  • Store arrangement consultation
  • Website and content planning and production
  • Events planning events and production
  • Image planning and production
  • PR planning and production
  • Sales planning and production research for sales and customer promotions
  • Promotion operations and production
Company name
Beat Promotions & Trading inc.
Date of foundation Established
January 14, 2008
Legal representive
Ryosuke Saito
Ryosuke Saito
Registered capital
2,700,000 RMB
Capital series BP&T is wholly owned subsidiary of the Japanese firm KANKO Corporation, a Japanese joint-stock company.
Main business
BP produces and sells promotional and support tools needed for your successful product campaigns. We provide strict quality control management in ALL stages of the campaign, from planning and designing to production to delivery, making us uniquely positioned to help you in China.
  • Business content
  • Planning, designing and production of various products such as cases and covers.
  • Premier collector's editions/planning, design and production of novel products (including bags, leather accessories, molded plastics or metals, costumes, writing materials, electronic machines, etc.)
  • Product displays, planning, design and production of sales support tools (display frames, POP ads, showcases, catalogs, manuals, etc.)
  • Planning, design and production of the showroom/event space
July 2006
Beat Promotions inc., totally funded by KANKO Corporation, was established in Beijing.
June 2007
The company's capital fund amounted to 300,000 USD after capital contribution by KANKO Corporation.
January 2008
The domestic enterprise BP&T inc., totally funded by Beat Promotions, was established with the capital fund of 700,000 RMB.
March 2008
With the change of scope of operation (from the consulting industry to the advertising industry), the Beat Promotions was renamed as "BP&A inc.".
April 2009
The capital fund of BP&T inc. increased to 2,700,000 RMB.
September 2009
The capital fund of BP&A inc. increased to 739,000 USD.
October 2010
The capital fund of BP&A inc. increased to 739,000 USD.
December 2010
After getting the import-export operation right, the BP&T inc. expanded the marketing channel in Asia for export sales businesses.
August 2011
The company created the BP's trial brand of "coura" and started online sales on Taobao.
March 2014
The company developed a marketing tool of "ImagingCube" based on functions of smart phone and started sales. The tool has obtained utility model patent or industrial design patent in China.

※BP&A inc., abbreviated as "Beat Promotions & Advertising inc.", has a Chinese name of "北京比动广告有限公司".
 BP&T inc., abbreviated as "Beat Promotions & Trading inc.", has a Chinese name of "北京比动商贸有限公司".