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What is promotion? KANKO!

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President, Kazuhiko Kawakami

Established 1974, our company has a long history.
In 2002, the sales promotion division was apart from headquarter and we named it KANKO Corporation. We have been doing the same business in Beijing, China since 2006 because we considered China as a big market not as just a production base.

KANKO's basic idea is to give
" " to our clients and to be given
" "
from people around us.
"Sold ", "That's right ", "Good idea ",
and "Thank you "
In order to receive these " ", first of all, we think that we should be a promotion lover

Products or services don't sell as they are.
We have to think how we can help to sell the products / services, appealing how good
they are and considering which means we should use.
Promotion business has lots of various areas and each area is very deep.
In the economic circle that clients sell their products, get the profit from them, and the profit become the capital which generate the next consumption, we believe that promotion business is very important industry.

After this, people say that decreasing birthrate and aging population, changing of the natural environment and so on would make it more difficult that we sell the products. However, we wonder if we have spent peaceful times in the past. Changing always happens like many marketing words or popular business model are coming out every year. In such a world, only companies that have matched the changes flexibly could survive.

While we cherish the culture our ancestor built, we keep the challenging spirit which a venture company seems to have. We would like to make our company strong, growing long-time base
and getting along with the times.

KANKO Corporation
President, Kazuhiko Kawakami